In my own time I’m always trying to find constructive things to keep me busy. This mainly involves at the moment completing all the diy tasks in our house, and trying to turn our garden into something presentable (although to be fair it has now featured in several magazines). 

One of my main passions in life is cycling. Whether it’s riding one of my bikes in the countryside on a sunny day, standing in a muddy field in Belgium to see my hero’s fly by on the pavé, or the joy of building a bike from a stack of small boxes and seeing it all come together as a (hopefully) fully functional machine. It’s all something that brings a little joy to my life. 

To balance out the eco credentials and purity of cycling, another of my other passions are cars. There is nothing I enjoy more then taking part in a track day, or finding a great road in Wales or the Alps on a driving trip. I also spend a lot of time in the garage fixing my car or fitting upgrades, which luckily I also enjoy. 

Hi, just a little bit about me and my experience, what I’ve done over the years and what I do now.

After completing an Art Foundation and a Graphic Design degree, I started my design career working at the Leicester Mercury newspaper,  learning the whole printing process, how to output to press and how to use a Mac and quick keys! Since then I have worked both agency and client side, and as the design business has changed I have added multimedia design to my skill set.


I’ve been fortunate enough to work on projects for some of the biggest clients in the world. From branding businesses, to producing logos, brochures and websites, to spending weeks at a time in pit garages at Rockingham Speedway for BP events.


As well as working for Design Agencies I’ve also worked as a freelancer, which as well creating design work included set-building for the European MTV awards, creating a magazine that featured on HIGNY and working in Hong Kong for Cathay Pacific for a week!

Areas of Expertise

Oil, gas and renewables  |  Pharmaceuticals  |  Software and Technology  |  Retail  |  Leisure and Tourism  |  Agency  |  In-house

What programmes do I use?

As well as being able to use all the usual Adobe stuff, I'm also happy to create concepts and scamps in a sketch pad. I'm also a fast and accurate artworker. This means I can brainstorm and create idea's, produce artwork and illustrations, and then make sure it's print ready and send to print.

As the design scene has evolved, I have also gained skills in producing animations, social media stings, creating websites, HTML emails, and even doing a bit of coding!